vTiger: Customer Relationship Management

In a market-oriented business, the market is no longer represented only by the customer, but by the surrounding environment, with which the firm, must establish long lasting and short-term relationships, taking into account the values of the individual/customer, the company and of the environment.
Therefor, the focus on the customer is crucial and decisive.
For this reason, marketing management must plan and implement appropriate strategies to manage such important resources.


Simple, intuitive, modular and accessible

The customization of the standard modules and a simple and intuitive interface allows to manage easily all the company’s areas of interest :

  • Shared Calendar
  • Lists and Contacts
  • Active cycle: Leads, opportunities, orders, deliveries, and invoices
  • Passive cycle: Returns, Credit Notes
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Assistance and Customer Care

All the features are available and usable anywhere, from every browser and device.



  • CRM as a Service & Cloud Ready: No hardware investment, everything is included in the annual fee
  • Mobile APP Sales included for Android and IOS systems
  • GDPR Ready
  • Dynamic and customizable reports
  • Modularity and expandability can extend the solution’s functionality to specific and vertical sectors.
  • Advanced basic form customization
  • Operational Workflows
  • CRM Sales and Service Support
  • Powerful API engine, able to interface with external information systems such as ECommerce, CRM or B.I
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