Tableau – Business Intelligence to understand your data and use it in the best possible way

Explore data, identify trends, represent your key performance indicators (KPIs), build interactive dashboards… without writing a single line of code.

What is Tableau Software

Tableau Software was founded on the idea that data analysis and its subsequent reports should not be isolated activities, but should be integrated into a single visual analysis process that allows users to quickly recognize models in their data, and to instantly change the kind of visualization, in order to follow the flow of thoughts.

Tableau brings the exploration and visualization of data together, in an instant application that everyone can quickly learn to use.


  • ERP as a Service & Cloud Ready: No hardware investment, everything is included in the annual fee
  • Fully aligned with the Italian taxation system and continually aligned with new European and Italian regulations
  • Full Responsive, to be enjoyed from any kind of Desktop or Mobile device
  • GDPR Ready
  • Direct access to most of the databases on the market
  • Automatic data Pre-processing from Files or Databases
  • Dynamic and customizable reports
  • Powerful API engine, able to interface with external information systems such as ECommerce, CRM or B.I
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