Automation, Security and Acceleration

The large amount of data provided by modern information systems, IoT and their fruition, raises the need to automate many of the necessary operations, and to carry them out in a safe environment. Safeguarding data and systems is one of the primary challenges, both in the present and the future.


Automation: from problem to growth opportunity

Automating repetitive tasks, and standardizing environments is a problem that affects the IT world, both on the systems management side (OPS) and on the development side (Dev). The proliferation of platforms and particularly the use of Cloud based solutions has accentuated the problem, making it necessary to have fast, reliable and easy tools for managing configurations and continuous code release.


Ansible: our solution

Ansible is a tool for orchestrating the installation and configuration of systems and applications: it allows to define the status of one or more servers in a predictable, replicable and consistent way. Similar to softwares like Puppet, Chef, Saltstack or CFEngine, it bases its philosophy on a few keywords: simplicity of use.

Unlike other systems, Ansible requires no more than an SSH connection between the machine that acts as a controller and the servers to be monitored, everything is handled with simple configuration directives contained in text-based files. Again: It is an agentless solution with no need to install any client on the hosts for its configuration, only Python and, as a perk, the product has a very easy learning curve.

A little know fact : the word “Ansible” refers to the homonymous device that allows to remotely control the spaceships, in the science fiction novel “Ender’s Game”, by Orson Scott Card.



Security: the challenge of the future

Our proposal is primarily based on products belonging to the Enterprise family, for example Sophos and Forcepoint, both characterized by a high availability, remote control and maintenance through centralized and secure consoles.

In addition to local device protection, it is necessary to monitor the systems’ behavior through remote consoles, that may, in some cases recognize (through artificial intelligence algorithms) harmful situations and intervene automatically according to previously indicated safety protocols.

The security that systems and data, are safe from unwanted incursions of others (individuals or corporation-competition), guarantees the possibility of being able to focus on one’s own business, in complete peace.



  • Remote and secure administration console
  • Continuous monitoring of systems and their state of efficiency


  • Certainty of the result in the process execution
  • Reliability and scalability to suit one’s own needs
  • Fast and safe delivery of new processes


  • Prevention of malicious behavior
  • Predictive behavioural analysis to avoid dangerous situations that hven’t happened yet
  • Three-sixty, all-around protection, both at the hardware and software/application level
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