Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

However they are called, machine data are the less exploited and less valued assets in an organization. Inside them there are some of the most important informations you can acquire at the IT level that of the whole company: where problems have occurred, how to optimize the user experience, and the traces left by fraudulent activity. All this information can be detected in machine data, generated by the organization’s normal activity.

Machine data is valuable because it contains a definitive record of all the activities, customer behaviour, users, transactions, applications, servers, networks, and mobile devices. They include configuration data, API data, message queues, change events, diagnostic command outputs, traffic tags, sensor data generated by industrial systems, and much more.

The inherent challenge in the exploitation of machine data, is represented by the fact that they constitute a confused jumble of unpredictable formats. Traditional monitoring and analysis instruments , were not designed for the variety, speed, volume, and variability that provided by these data.


  • Knowing one’s own company and business data
  • Predicting behaviours or situations to act in advance, being aware of one’s own actions
  • Planning financial and human resources investments
  • Not being caught off guard at the occurrence of a problem or an accident
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