Slide APPLICATION EVOLUTION Application and Management Evolution, oriented towards Industry 4.0, with an As-a-Service delivery model

Evolution as a Service

The delivery of our services and applications is identified as a traditional, on-demand software, “as a service” model combined with system coordination and integration; It is a cloud model in which the users are made available a complete environment with its own application, lifting them from the installation and management burden , cutting down the initial project costs of that often hinder many initiatives.


To use and exploit the large amount of data provided by all modern information systems, we provideof our network of both public and private partners’ skills and resources. In this way, we provide all the necessary elements for Decision Makers to implement their strategic choices.


ERP: Enterprise resource planning

Sap Business ONE
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eCommerce Platform

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Automation, Security and Acceleration

Ansible, Cloudflare
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CRM: Customer Relationship Management

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Splunk, Cloudera & Spark
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Upgrade makes the complex simple!

We want to be a solution enabler for our customers and technology partners, thanks to our experience and expertise on systems, in a perspective of business process integration and management . Innovation and technological excellence are the pillars of what we do, always using aTailor Made approach, based on the technological and economic momentum of the customer.
Certified Technicians

Think Different!

A sustainable digital transformation organized by areas of intervention

Integrated, flexible and structured analytics applications and systems
to generate real and usable data.

It is not always sustainable to revolutionize the entire workflow, reports and tools during a single intervention. Upgrade assesses the client’s needs and impacts on the enterprise by prioritizing and operating sequences, through the construction of a sustainable development plan supported by appropriate coaching and training.


Integration of all information systems


Access to real, synthetic and usable data


Certainty of cost compared to resources consumed


Service level (SLA) with safe and guaranteed intervention times


Designed and integrated systems for Industry 4.0


Research and development through Italian and international universities


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The value of machine data


Automation and Security: Automated and secure tasks for maximum productivity

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Designs, manages and evolves the customers’ IT infrastructure, offering high-level solutions thanks to the many certifications and skills developed over time, working alongside the major vendors on the IT market.
We offer, through our data center and the major Cloud providers, services in IT in “as-a-service” mode


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